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The Rev. Josh Hosler

The Rev. Josh Hosler is the rector of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Federal
Way, Washington. Josh has been a youth ministry leader for nearly 30 years and priest for the
past decade. But he started out as a musician—playing cornet from the 6th grade on, composing
from high school on, and earning a degree in music theory and composition from Olivet College
in Michigan. Josh sang with the St. Mark’s Cathedral Choir in Seattle for eleven years. He is
married to Christy, and they have one child, Sarah, who is finishing her freshman year at Pacific
Lutheran University. During the pandemic, Josh and Sarah created a podcast together called
Bible Stories for Snarky People.

Josh loves to welcome, listen, preach, teach, communicate, and organize. You can find his
sermons at or by looking up “Good Shepherd, Federal Way” on Spotify.
Josh still enjoys being a musician when he can; outside of singing hymns and service music, he
sometimes composes music for worship, church camping trips, and events for children and
youth. And, of course, he looks forward to this year’s RSCM West camp. But Josh also has a
hobby that revolves around music in a different way: he curates a host of Spotify playlists that
document the history of popular music (see

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